Lost V2 Shortboard

Lost V2 Shortboard

Best Price on the Lost V2 ShortboardIf you’re looking for a high performance shortboard that is suitable for getting you off the funboards and back onto a shortboard the Lost V2 Rocket is definitely a board to consider.  The Lost V2 Shortboard has been designed to paddle well and get onto the wave early because it’s still got a decent amount of volume for a performance shortboard. Despite the extra volume it’s still a pretty loose board.

The Lost V2 shortboard has pretty low entry rocker with a pointy nose that is actually pretty conservative for a high performance shortboard.  It’s got a decent amount of width in the tail but is still really precise in the pocket. The board comes in a domesticated version as well as the standard Lost V2 Shortboard.

The domesticated version is a little more targeted at the weekend warrior who really wants to move from stubbier boards to a more high performance shortboard.  Matt Biolos apparently designed this board for himself because he was copping a bit from the boys about always riding fun boards. The board feels loose in the turns, but not too loose.  The Lost V2 Shortboard is not the quickest high performance board, but if you have the skills you can generate a lot of speed down the line.  It’s very quick going rail to rail and the extra volume allows you to get a lot of waves in a crowded line up.  It’s designed for the intermediate to advanced surfer and is suited to better quality waves.

Surfer Skill Level

Surfer Skill Level

Suitable for intermediate through to advanced surfers.
Surfboard Rocker


Low Entry Rocker - Medium Tail Rocker
Surfboard Fin Setup

Fin Setup

3 Fin Thruster.
Surfboard Wvae Height Suitability

Wave Height

Performs best in 2ft to well overhead
Surfboard Bottom Concaves

Bottom Concaves

Slight double concave under the back foot.
Surfboard Rails


Higher volume performance rail.

Lost V2 Shortboard Dimensions

Length Width Depth Volume
5’8" 18.5" 2.2" 24.18l
5’9" 18.63" 2.25" 25.32l
5’10" 18.75" 2.25" 25.93l
5’11" 18.88" 2.32" 27.33l
6’0" 19" 2.38" 29.54l
6’1" 19.25" 2.38" 29.54l
6’2" 19.5" 2.5" 31.81l
6’4" 20" 2.63" 35.15l

Lost V2 Shortboard (Domesticated)

Length Width Depth Volume
5’8" 19.25" 2.25" 26.05l
5’9" 19.38" 2.32" 27.42l
5’10" 19.5" 2.38" 28.74l
5’11" 19.75" 2.44" 30.28l
6’0" 20" 2.5" 31.79l
6’1" 20.25" 2.56" 33.27l
6’2" 20.5" 2.63" 35.24
6’3" 20.75" 2.63" 36.23l
6’4" 21" 2.75" 38.82l
The most Impressive Barrel to Alley-oop I’ve ever seen.

The most Impressive Barrel to Alley-oop I’ve ever seen.

Jordy Smith is deep in the barrel, comes flying out and then transitions into the biggest alley-oop you’ve ever seen landed. Legend! A video posted by Jordy Smith (@jordysmith88) on Aug 7, 2015 at 10:09am PDT Related

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