Surf Camp Bali

Surf Camp Bali

Lets cut to the chase. If you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer I’d recommend finding a surf camp in Bali on the south-west coast. If you’re a little more advanced, you’ll find the waves on the peninsula in the south, tend to have more size. We’re going to give you a quick run down on the ultimate surf camp Bali.

Rapture Surf Camps

The surf resort accommodation at this Bali surf camp in Padang Padang are pretty good and like most surf camps you can choose the type of room you’d like depending on the budget.  The surf guides are good and you’ll really only need them if you’re learning how to surf,  but the local Bali surf break knowledge is really what you’re after.  If you’re a little more adventurous, you might want to rent a scooter just so that you’ve got the freedom to do what you’d like and you’re not being overcharged by taxis chasing tourists.  You’ll want to go for a room with air conditioning if your budget allows it because Bali can’t get pretty humid at times.  You can rent boards, but be aware that you might not get the exact style of surfboard that you’re looking for depending on your body type and ability.  It’s always better to bring your own board.  The food is good value for money and the quality is great. Check their website here for details.

Padang Padang Surf Camp

This surf camp Bali is all about where the surf is going to be the best for the conditions and your ability.  The food is good at the surf camp itself and if you’re looking for variety you can find a nice collection of good quality restaurants all withing about 5 minutes walk from the surf camp.  The camp itself is within about 8 minutes walking distance from 6 of the best surf breaks anywhere in Bali.  Obviously Padang Padang and Uluwatu are pretty famous surf breaks.  Padang Padang is only a couple of minutes walk away and will often be used to determine the size of the other surf breaks around the peninsula.  Like any Bali surf camp, it’s all about your attitude and what you make of it. More details on their website.

The Chillhouse Surf Camp

The day starts with a light breakfast.  Maybe some toast and fruit.  Then your heading for the waves.   The surf guides are really involved and if you’re a beginner you’ll appreciate the 2 to 1 ratio of instructors to students a lot.   The surf instructors are also allocated depending on your ability so it makes progressing just that little easier.  If you’re keen for an afternoon surf, then jump in the Van after lunch and get to any of the nearby breaks like Dreamlands, Tugu, Serangan, Old Man and Toro Toro.  The food is excellent, the home made jam is fantastic and the massages are great value.  The Chillhouse surf camp Bali has a variety of accommodation to suit your budget.  There are private bungalows and also rooms the main house.  If you want to be close to the party atmosphere the main house is where it’s at but you need to be aware that it’s sometimes a little noisy.  I like the Tree Top Bungalow.  Their website has more details.

Bobby’s G-Land Surf Camp

Although not technically a Bali surf camp, this surf camp is not really aimed at beginners and although there are waves available that will suit learning how to surf,  I personally would only book your stay here only if you’ve already got some skills.  This surf camp Bali has been running for about 30 years and is the original G-Land surf camp.  The waves that come in here generally have a fair bit of power so you might want to bring a range of boards and if you’re up for a little more size definitely bring a larger surfboard.  G-Land can get some cooler currents in July and August, so if you’re heading over in those months, bring a wetsuit top at least and maybe even a spring suit or a steamer.  The food is lovely and the staff are surfers by heart. The accommodation varies depending on budget and there are air conditioned bungalows available. If you’re looking for high quality waves then Bobby’s G-Land surf camp is everything it promises.

Beginner Surfboards

Beginner Surfboards

Before we get started… If you’re looking for a recommendation for good beginner surfboards and more specifically a beginner shortboard, then I’d say the Channel Islands Average Joe or a Rusty Dwart in the larger sizes will get most beginners up and riding quickly and on top of that, either of those boards should serve you until […]

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