Lost Puddle Jumper

Lost Puddle Jumper

Best Price on the Lost Puddle JumperThe Lost Puddle Jumper is everything you want when you feel like hacking some spray but the swell is only giving you longboarding opportunities. With a wide girth and uber flat rocker, this fatty biscuit will cruise into the meekest of waves. And with its unique concave you can make so much speed you’ll feel like you’re surfing a wave that’s twice the size.

The best part about this board – and honestly what sells it for me – is how well it also works in head high to a little overhead barrels. I mean, a board that performs how you want on most everyday conditions: it’s a no brainer – you could just grab this board every time and chances are it’s gonna be the right choice for that day. For me, this is a huge plus because I like to ride the same board and really get to that point where you know the board so well that you can fully concentrate on the wave and what you want to do, you don’t have to worry about getting unnecessary beat downs because the board you’re on doesn’t respond like you thought it would.

As a thruster, it gets the job done, but as a quad, it shows its full potential: speed and thrust with maneuverability and precision. The quad fins are a great choice for small, punchy and hollow waves.

Surfer Skill Level

Surfer Skill Level

Upper beginner to advanced
Surfboard Rocker


Flat throughout the whole board
Surfboard Fin Setup

Fin Setup

Tri-fin to five fin
Surfboard Wvae Height Suitability

Wave Height

Knee high to a little overhead
Surfboard Bottom Concaves

Bottom Concaves

Bottom concave with V in the tail
Surfboard Rails


Wide, flat rails

Lost Puddle Jumper Dimensions

Length Width Depth Volume
4’10″ 19.00“ 2.25“ 23.5l
5’0″ 19.50“ 2.32“ 25.9l
5’2″ 20“ 2.38“ 28.2l
5’3″ 20.25“ 2.38“ 29.15l
5’4″ 20.50“ 2.38“ 29.77l
5’5″ 20.75“ 2.44“ 31.45l
5’6″ 21.00“ 2.5“ 33.2l
5’7″ 21.25“ 2.56“ 35l
5’8″ 21.50“ 2.63“ 36.90l
5’9″ 21.75“ 2.63“ 38l
5’10″ 22.00“ 2.75“ 40.60l
5’11″ 22.25“ 2.75“ 41.95l
6’0“ 22.25“ 2.75“ 42.60l
6’1“ 22.50“ 2.88“ 45.10l
6’2” 22.50“ 2.88“ 45.10l
6’4“ 22.50“ 2.88“ 47.90l
Surfboard Volume: Getting It Right

Surfboard Volume: Getting It Right

Whether you’re a newbie, pro or anywhere in between, you’re going want to have a good idea of how the volume of your surfboard will play into your style of surfing. Surfboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Since the 60’s, revolutions in design have created boards that can perform for just about […]

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