How to Make a Surfboard

How to Make a Surfboard

This is a great little series on how to make a surfboard.  If you’ve ever wondered  how to make your own surfboard this little series will give you a quick head start.  Richard Harvey from Harvey Surf shows you exactly how to make a surfboard from blank selection, how to shape a surfboard, shaping the rails, getting the single for lift and double concaves for  manouverability, fin placement and how to glass a surfboard.

Blank Selection & Initial Surfboard Shaping

In this first section he shows us exactly how to choose the correct surfboard blank for the finished board size.  Marking out the template and cutting off the excess foam to get the initial shape.

Refining the Surfboard Shape

In this video in the series on how to make a surfboard, it explains how to refine the surfboard blank’s shape with a plane for a smoother and easier finish.  He also adds a single concave up the front and a double concave under the back foot.

Shaping the Rails & Glassing the Bottom

This section on how to make a surfboard shows us how to shape a surfboard just how we want it and how to get the rails just right so that we achieve that nice sharp tapered rail.  He then goes on to explain how to glass a surfboard, actually only the bottom in this video.

Fin Placement & Glassing

This video is a ll about correct fin placement.  The fin placement information is really, really good.  Pay attention because getting your surfboard fins right will make a huge difference to your surfboards performance.

Surfboard Shaper Richard Harvey

Not bad at all.  That’s some concise instructions and those are the best how to make a surfboard videos I’ve been able to find so far.  Obviously having the right tools and a good work area is important because learning how to make a surfboard is not an overnight job.

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